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Are you ready for some . . .REAL CHANGE??

It truly has been decades since there has been any noticeable change of road/curb side mail delivery.  The pipe and post have been around almost since the inception of the USPS, and they’re getting replaced constantly.  More so when they reside on busier roads, but there is a solution that really addresses this problem. . .FINALLY!  A solution that offers a guarantee of over 20 years covering any structural defects due to manufacturing.  No one offers anything even close to that today.

The picture below shows the issue behind the posts and pipes of the past, and today’s options.  The wooden post is very close to the shoulder of the road, is rigid, and available to be clipped off by passing cars or snowplows.  The wooden post is all of 12” off the shoulder of the road.  The pipe base is generally 48” off of the edge of the road.  That 3 feet difference is huge, especially when the snowplows are out doing their jobs.  Few things in life are more annoying than trying to come up with a solution for a mail box when yours gets smashed in mid-winter.  Whether the snow plow does it or a motorist, the end result is it’s still busted and you need a solution. . .NOW. Continue reading Are you ready for some . . .REAL CHANGE??