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Are you ready for some . . .REAL CHANGE??

It truly has been decades since there has been any noticeable change of road/curb side mail delivery.  The pipe and post have been around almost since the inception of the USPS, and they’re getting replaced constantly.  More so when they reside on busier roads, but there is a solution that really addresses this problem. . .FINALLY!  A solution that offers a guarantee of over 20 years covering any structural defects due to manufacturing.  No one offers anything even close to that today.

The picture below shows the issue behind the posts and pipes of the past, and today’s options.  The wooden post is very close to the shoulder of the road, is rigid, and available to be clipped off by passing cars or snowplows.  The wooden post is all of 12” off the shoulder of the road.  The pipe base is generally 48” off of the edge of the road.  That 3 feet difference is huge, especially when the snowplows are out doing their jobs.  Few things in life are more annoying than trying to come up with a solution for a mail box when yours gets smashed in mid-winter.  Whether the snow plow does it or a motorist, the end result is it’s still busted and you need a solution. . .NOW.

There’s a solution and it’s time to solve this problem for millions of Americans.  Swinging mail boxes have been around since the 50’s, but they haven’t improved much since their introduction in the UP of Michigan.  Well, the original design has seen massive improvement and the same basic design is available today,. . .and with a 20 Year Guarantee!!

Let’s take a closer look at what has changed and why this is such a significant improvement.  First, look at the post and the DISTANCE it is from the edge of the roadway.   The wooden post is 12”-15” off of the edge of the roadway, whereas the swinging metal post is generally about 48” from the edge of the road.  Moving the post farther off of the road only makes sense.  The farther off the road it is, the less likely it will be damaged.

Adding FLEXIBILITY to the mix is another major ingredient in the best road side mail system today.  If the mail box or arm is struck, it just swings out of the way then returns back to the normal road side position.  Gravity brings it back.

DURABILITY is the third component of the best road/curb side delivery system.  The base of the standard system is made of 2” pipe, the largest legal pipe size allowed by law.   This design will last for years of use and abuse.  We offer solutions in both hot dipped galvanized as well as powder coated finishes.  The galvanized solution is galvanized inside and out, so it will look attractive for a long time.

Simply Mail LLC has much more to come with the MAIL SWAYS line of products, but you don’t have to wait.  It’s here today, so don’t wait.  Other companion products are being developed to reinvent roadside mail delivery.  Our motto is “Tomorrow’s Innovation Today,” so be prepared for the best products available today. . .before the snow flies again.  Don’t wait, get one today!!